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Sensation and Perception


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» IllusionWorks Open in a new browser windowEditor's Pick
   A multimedia museum of optical and sensory illusions, with on-line demonstrations and explanations.

» Affective Epistemology Open in a new browser window
   Affective epistemology is based on the idea that there is a way of knowing which transcends, specific perceptual frames. This idea is predicated on affective components as indicating the quality of a given perception, thought form, or way of being in the
» Chronological History of Vision Research Open in a new browser window
   Useful chronology by Jack Yellott.
» The Purple Perils of James Gibson Open in a new browser window
   A collection of notes compiled by James J. Gibson, 1904 - 1979, for his perception seminars.
» Mind Bluff Open in a new browser window
   A family-friendly collection of tactile illusions, mental deceptions, optical tricks, brain puzzlers, and feeling games to play on the self.
» Mind Hacks Open in a new browser window
   Neuroscience and psychology tricks discussed and perhaps explained. Companion site to the "Mind Hacks" book by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb.
» Neuhoff, John - Auditory Perception Research Open in a new browser window
   Electronic reprints of relevant publications on pitch, loudness, localization, and auditory display. (College of Wooster, USA)
» Optical Flow Estimation Bibliography Open in a new browser window
   Mainly algorithms (up-to-date; compiled by Laurenz Wiskott at The Salk Institute).
» Optical Illusions by Psych ARTS Open in a new browser window
   We think we perceive objective reality, but perception is always altered by invisible biases. We are never free of the state-dependent bias, and so we are continually taken in by an illusion.
» Sensation and Perception Tutorials Open in a new browser window
   A small collection of tutorials and demonstrations in sensation and perception.
» Smarandache's Law Open in a new browser window
   An improvement of Weber's and Fechner's Laws on sensations and stimuli. A paradoxical complex, an optical illusion, and a test of intelligence.
» Some Visual Illusions Open in a new browser window
   This site shows a range of common visual illusions along with a brief explanation of why they occur. It was originally prepared to show at a children's primary school as part of their study of sensory processing.
» The Blanking Phenomenon and its Psychoanatomical Implications Open in a new browser window
   J J McAnany and M W Levine of the Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago provides information on this visual illusion.
» The Logarithmic Time Perception Hypothesis Open in a new browser window
   Logtime is the psychochronometric hypothesis that our age is our basis for estimating long time intervals, resulting in a perceived logarithmic shrinkage of our years as we grow older.
» The Manifold of Sense Open in a new browser window
   A survey of the discourse regarding emotions, sensations, and an attempt at producing an integrative approach to sensation and perception.
» The Moon Illusion Explained Open in a new browser window
   A relatively new theory is offered for the classic illusion that the moon's constant subtended visual angle of half a degree appears larger for the horizon moon than for the zenith moon.
» The Noh Mask Effect Open in a new browser window
   Demonstrates illusory facial expression perception with Japanese Noh masks. Links to publications about the effect.
» The Poggendorff Illusion Open in a new browser window
   A study attributing the illusion to summed effects of cardinal axes in the observer's field of view and of salient axes in the figures.
» Vision Laboratory Macquarie University Open in a new browser window
   Contains information about current research into human visual perception. Features material from some of the courses run by the psychology department and information about staff and students.s
» Visual Illusions: Their Causes, Characteristics and Applications Open in a new browser window
   Matthew Luckiesh's book of this title, published in 1922, was the first scientific explanation of optical illusions to be published.
» Visual Science Group: University of Helsinki Open in a new browser window
   Research at the Department of Psychology, is focused on human visual processing using psychophysical methods.

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